Talladega County Native American Records

Native American Records were mostly spoken records until the Government decided it was necessary to keep track of the Indians.  This page will provide you with links in your research for your Native ancestors.
Indian Tribes of Alabama
Cherokee Indian Tribe  In the latter part of the eighteenth century some Cherokee worked their way down the Tennessee River as far as Muscle Shoals, constituting the Chickamauga band. They had settlements at Turkeytown on the Coosa, Willstown on Wills Creek, and Coldwater near Tuscumbia, occupied jointly with the Creeks and destroyed by the Whites in 1787. All of their Alabama territory was surrendered in treaties made between 1807 and 1835.
Cherokee Nation  Official Site
Cherokee Nation, Indian Territory (hosted at RootsWeb)
Chickasaw Indian Tribe  The Chickasaw had a few settlements in northwestern Alabama, part of which State was within their hunting territories. At one time they also had a town called Ooe-asa (Wi-aca) among the Upper Creeks
Chickasaw Nation Official Site
Chickasaw Nation Indian Territory (hosted at RootsWeb)
Choctaw Indian Tribe  This tribe hunted over and occupied, at least temporarily, parts of southwestern Alabama beyond the Tombigbee.
Choctaw Nation Official Site
Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory (hosted at RootsWeb)
Creek Indian Tribe  The Creeks were early divided geographically into two parts, one called Upper Creeks, on the Coosa and Tallapoosa Rivers; the other, the Lower Creeks, on the lower Chattahoochee and Ocmulgee. The former were also divided at times into the Coosa branch or Abihka and the Tallapoosa branch and the two were called Upper and Middle Creeks respectively. Bartram (1792) tends to confuse the student by denominating all of the true Creeks "Upper Creeks" and the Seminole "Lower Creeks." The dominant Muskogee gradually gathered about them, and to a certain extent under them, the Apalachicola, Hitchiti, Okmulgee, Sawokli, Chiaha, Osochi, Yuchi, Alabama, Tawasa, Pawokti, Muklasa, Koasati, Tuskegee, a part of the Shawnee, and for a time some Yamasee, not counting broken bands and families from various quarters.
Muscogee Creek Nation Official Site
Creek Nation Indian Territory (hosted at RootsWeb)
Hosted at Creek Indian Researcher (the best Creek Records on the web)
Creek Nation Tribal Records
Creek Enrollment Cases Index
Creek Nation Census Rolls
1832 Creek Nation, Alabama Census
Stidham Roll of Creek Self Emigrants 1886
A few records of Creek Indian Reserves and Improvements
White Citizens and Traders in Creek Nation, AL
Indian Chiefs
Indian Rolls and Census Records
McKennon Roll (Choctaw of Mississippi, Louisiana and Alabama)
Cooper Roll (Choctaw families in Mississippi, Louisiana and Alabama
Henderson Roll (Cherokee residing in Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee and North Carolina)
1896 Applications
Dawes (Final Roll) Index
Dawes Final Roll of the Five Civilized Tribes
Understanding the Dawes Roll
Alabama Land Patents
Alabama Creek Land Patents: A-T
Alabama, Choctaw Land Patents
Indian Tribal History, 1880
Help with your Search
How to Search
Essentials of Indian Citizenship, Tracing your Indian Ancestors (hosted at Oklahoma Historical Society)
Southeastern US Indian Research
Native American Resources
Maps and Land
1815 Map of Cherokee and Creek Lands
1818 Map of Alabama
Talladega County Alabama
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