Madison County Cemeteries – Le Surnames

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LeaEvaO.Unk04 Jul 1959Maple Hill
LeachElizabethUnk22 Jun 1923Maple Hill
LeachEugeneJ.UnkNDDMaple Hill
LeachEugeneUnk13 May 1903Maple Hill
LeachEula02 Oct 189820 Feb 1979Maple Hill
LeachJamesA.11 Feb 194102 Feb 2002Maple Hill
LeachJohnUnk20 Jul 1953Maple Hill
LeachJuanitaS.Unk07 Nov 1990Maple Hill
LeachLillian18891914Madison Crossroads
LeachLucile19101917Madison Crossroads
LeachN.Unk14 Jul 1917Maple Hill
LeachOdiaUnk23 Nov 1939Maple Hill
LeachW.H.10 Jul 184012 Sep 1927Madison Crossroads
LeagueArliceA.13 Jun 192227 Feb 1981Charity Baptist Church
LeagueAustinUnk16 Feb 1972Maple Hill
LeagueC.W.02 Jul 187218 Nov 1936Charity Baptist Church
LeagueCastella18931948Charity Baptist Church
LeagueCodyBryant22 Dec 199228 Jun 1994Charity Baptist Church
LeagueEddie08 Dec 194012 Jan 2004Charity Baptist Church
LeagueFloydAustinUnk05 Jan 2006Maple Hill
LeagueJamesW.10 Sep 192202 Sep 1993Maple Hill
LeagueJamesWilliam28 May 194502 Aug 1998Maple Hill
LeagueJeffreyTodd31 May 196509 Apr 1997Charity Baptist Church
LeagueLarryLynn16 Jul 194713 Sep 1998Charity Baptist Church
LeagueMaryV.18961958Charity Baptist Church
LeagueMattieF.30 Apr 187821 Jul 1957Charity Baptist Church
LeagueNancyTerrell12 Feb 194009 Mar 2004Murphy Hill
LeagueNannieP.11 Oct 190117 Jun 1975Charity Baptist Church
LeagueNettieReed29 Jul 191102 Apr 1977Murphy Hill
LeagueOmaJean16 Mar 192730 Oct 2004Maple Hill
LeagueWillM.06 Feb 188706 Sep 1952Charity Baptist Church
LeagueWilliamA.20 May 190806 Feb 1977Murphy Hill
LeagueWilliamMorris09 Jan 193726 Sep 1948Charity Baptist Church
LeahyFrancesJean09 Jul 192504 Jul 2003Maple Hill
LeakMarthaUnk28 Dec 1897Maple Hill
LeamonAnniePearl05 Jun 191618 May 1968Center Grove
LeamonOdellHolmes14 Oct 193521 Aug 1964Brandon
LeapleyMattie27 Jan 191817 Jul 1988Maple Hill
LearnElizabethUnk19 Oct 1925Maple Hill
LearyMichaelUnk04 Sep 1923Maple Hill
LearyW.Unk03 Sep 1902Maple Hill
LeatherwoodAgnesUnk28 Feb 1955Maple Hill
LeatherwoodR.L.Unk21 Jun 1964Maple Hill
LebowSenaUnk11 Jun 1886Maple Hill
LeclairScottAllenUnk06 Sep 1976Maple Hill
LecroxM.A.Unk01 Mar 1946Maple Hill
LedbetterAliceButner10 Jul 187024 Jul 1920Merrimack
LedbetterEarlUnk14 Nov 1926Maple Hill
LedbetterEdithNell16 Feb 193509 Mar 1981Kennamer
LedbetterElizabethWeaverDouglas06 Oct 182714 Jan 1893New Hope
LedbetterJaneCatherineDillard15 Jun 182826 Feb 1895Wright
LedbetterJimmieMaeBevel09 Nov 191710 Oct 1996Kennamer
LedbetterJoeThomas03 Feb 190012 Apr 1968Hayden
LedbetterJoeUnk04 May 1969Maple Hill
LedbetterJoelPryor26 Jan 181819 Nov 1870Wright
LedbetterJohnR.01 Apr 192210 Jan 2000Maple Hill
LedbetterMargaretUnk17 Mar 1953Maple Hill
LedbetterMarthaA.27 Nov 184230 Apr 1913Gurley
LedbetterMarthaAnnGlover14 Jun 181415 May 1861New Hope
LedbetterMenzieIvey05 Jan 191026 Oct 1962Hayden
LedbetterP.D.14 Sep 191811 Jun 1983Kennamer
LedbetterRubenBondurant11 Nov 183325 May 1916Gurley
LedbetterSarahF.18 Dec 185518 Jan 1937Kennamer
LedbetterSolomonSmith16 Oct 182402 Apr 1885New Hope
LedbetterThomasLee14 Oct 195412 Jul 2001Hayden
LedbetterWilliamA.08 Jan 185623 Aug 1936Kennamer
LedfordMaudeC.11 Nov 190624 Jul 1984Maple Hill
LedfordMyrtleUnk30 Jan 1941Maple Hill
LedfordRobertUnk16 Feb 1978Maple Hill
LedmanLuciaUnk11 Nov 1894Maple Hill
LeeA.G.30 Oct 189007 Jan 1970Ready
LeeAdraKatherineHarbin27 Jun 192412 Nov 1994Maple Hill
LeeArchieUnk05 Apr 1900Maple Hill
LeeAva22 Nov 189913 Oct 1969Maple Hill
LeeB.Unk21 Sep 1920Maple Hill
LeeBenUnk06 Jul 1944Maple Hill
LeeBettyJeanDuke21 Dec 192728 May 1995Maple Hill
LeeBeulahCorum02 Jan 189605 Apr 1953Maple Hill
LeeBeulahUnk08 Apr 1953Maple Hill
LeeBobbyGene02 Sep 194603 Feb 1984Bellview
LeeBurmahIrene17 Dec 192328 Jul 1999Maple Hill
LeeCarlUnk03 Feb 1971Maple Hill
LeeCarryElizabethFainUnk11 Sep 1965Maple Hill
LeeCatherineGivens18651925Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
LeeCharlesVernon12 Jun 192005 Aug 2003Maple Hill
LeeClarissa02 Nov 189608 Mar 1979Maple Hill
LeeDavidCarlUnk22 Jun 1923Maple Hill
LeeDavidHerman14 Jul 191704 Nov 1993Maple Hill
LeeDavidHermanUnk02 Nov 1920Maple Hill
LeeDavidWashington28 May 189318 Jul 1961Maple Hill
LeeDavidUnk10 Jan 1951Maple Hill
LeeDemarjianKeysean27 May 200320 Oct 2005Meadowlawn Garden of Peace
LeeDonnaKaye24 Mar 195821 Mar 1980Pleas Mount Baptist Church
LeeEarnestD.25 Oct 191531 Jan 1945Maple Hill
LeeElizabethJaneCavender05 Mar 189301 Nov 1987Maple Hill
LeeElizabethMcCagha12 Mar 186611 Aug 1897Ragsdale
LeeElizabethFanning26 May 192002 Sep 1983Maple Hill
LeeEmilyUnk28 Jun 1978Maple Hill
LeeEmmettGrimmett26 Sep 189910 Jan 1987Maple Hill
LeeEttaVictoriaWard08 Feb 190108 Feb 1995Maple Hill
LeeFrank24 Apr 189327 Aug 1972Pleas Mount Baptist Church
LeeFrankieMae29 Apr 190615 Feb 1997Northside
LeeGeorgeBritton09 Dec 186901 Mar 1945Pleas Mount Baptist Church
LeeGeorgeR.15 Oct 191520 Nov 1996Maple Hill
LeeGeorgeWashington18341970Pleas Mount Baptist Church
LeeGeorgiaAnnUnkNDDMaple Hill
LeeGordonL.Unk20 Feb 1954Maple Hill
LeeHarveyUnk25 Jul 1928Maple Hill
LeeHelenUnk31 Jul 2005Maple Hill
LeeHomerE.Unk01 Oct 1949Maple Hill
LeeHowardWallace25 Jul 192626 Apr 1988Maple Hill
LeeIda189330 Oct 1913Pleas Mount Baptist Church
LeeInfantFemaleUnk11 Oct 1918Charity Baptist Church
LeeInfantMaleUnk25 Jul 1946Maple Hill
LeeInfantUnk04 Dec 1963Maple Hill
LeeIsadoreD.04 Aug 189219 Nov 1971Pleas Mount Baptist Church
LeeJamesAndersonUnk17 Oct 1956Maple Hill
LeeJamesEdward24 Oct 189020 Jan 1970Moon
LeeJamesM.15 Jun 185631 Jan 1949Ragsdale
LeeJamesNathanialUnk21 Dec 1921Maple Hill
LeeJamesRoyUnk22 Jan 2001Maple Hill
LeeJamesT.14 Jul 191729 Mar 1978Maple Hill
LeeJamesVernonUnk25 Feb 1959Maple Hill
LeeJamesWalter19 Oct 188404 Aug 1969Pleas Mount Baptist Church
LeeJamesUnk08 Jan 1946Maple Hill
LeeJamesUnk05 Jul 1940Maple Hill
LeeJessieSusanDuskinFeb 187127 Mar 1926Maple Hill
LeeJessieUnk27 Mar 1926Maple Hill
LeeJessieUnk21 Nov 1916Maple Hill
LeeJohnRichardUnk18 Oct 1997Maple Hill
LeeJosephErvinUnk25 Apr 2001Maple Hill
LeeJosephineLucilleMagness24 Oct 190503 Oct 1979Maple Hill
LeeKathleenCallenderUnk17 Jul 1991Maple Hill
LeeKathyUnk25 Feb 2006Maple Hill
LeeKyungJa21 Jan 194624 Feb 2004Maple Hill
LeeLauraBell27 Feb 191317 Nov 1974Cochran
LeeLeonardDanielUnk26 Apr 1983Maple Hill
LeeLillieCatherineMcKay190822 Feb 1992Maple Hill
LeeLouisBryant25 Oct 189616 Sep 1985Maple Hill
LeeLouisBrooks22 Apr 192531 May 1978Maple Hill
LeeLulaC.07 Sep 188915 Jan 1973Ready
LeeLulaMae17 May 1893NDDReady
LeeMarionGrimmett12 Apr 192921 Mar 1999Maple Hill
LeeMarthaAliceUnk09 Aug 1963Maple Hill
LeeMarthaElizabethLee05 Jun 188730 Jun 1960Pleas Mount Baptist Church
LeeMaryElizabeth15 May 190115 Jul 1983Maple Hill
LeeMaryEllen27 May 191510 Apr 1991Maple Hill
LeeMaryLizaBarnett04 Jan 189309 Feb 1968Northside
LeeMaryWhite06 Jul 190225 Feb 1988Maple Hill
LeeMaryUnk17 Oct 1933Maple Hill
LeeMaryE.30 Apr 189702 Jan 1930Pleas Mount Baptist Church
LeeMattieSue04 May 191704 May 1917Pleas Mount Baptist Church
LeeMelvin11 Jul 194011 Jul 1940Pleas Mount Baptist Church
LeeMildredG.07 Mar 191730 Nov 2002Maple Hill
LeeMildredS.Luther29 Mar 191031 Dec 2004Maple Hill
LeeMinniePearlMorring10 Mar 1900May 1969Maple Hill
LeeNannieLucille01 Sep 191226 Jul 1999Maple Hill
LeeNannieP.06 Sep 190012 Mar 1998Pleas Mount Baptist Church
LeeNannie21 Jun 185226 Nov 1882Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
LeeNettieP.02 Dec 189317 May 1970Maple Hill
LeeNettieCantrell04 Sep 189921 Oct 1991Maple Hill
LeeRhodaElizabethKeel12 Apr 183417 May 1901Pleas Mount Baptist Church
LeeRichardUnk27 Jun 1930Maple Hill
LeeRickey27 Apr 195127 Jun 1976Pleas Mount Baptist Church
LeeRobertBallard09 Jul 188206 Nov 1947Pleas Mount Baptist Church
LeeRobertE.26 Jan 191211 Jan 1978Maple Hill
LeeRoyTerry17 Sep 190030 Apr 1978Maple Hill
LeeS.J.Unk10 Dec 1959Maple Hill
LeeSadieJaco19 Dec 189306 Feb 1973Maple Hill
LeeSallieEstherHumphrey13 Aug 189804 Jun 1995Maple Hill
LeeSallieJaneBarnett10 Dec 189913 May 1976Pleas Mount Baptist Church
LeeSaraJeanUnk10 Sep 1962Maple Hill
LeeSimeonJoshua02 Jun 189210 Dec 1959Maple Hill
LeeTacieElizabethKeel06 Dec 187002 Jan 1933Pleas Mount Baptist Church
LeeTimothyDewayne08 Dec 196415 Mar 2001Madison Crossroads
LeeTimothyFrances26 Jul 199326 Jul 1993Pleas Mount Baptist Church
LeeUnkFemaleUnk09 Feb 1904Maple Hill
LeeUnkUnk07 May 1954Maple Hill
LeeVernieWeaver22 Apr 192218 Feb 1986Maple Hill
LeeVirgieUnk26 Jun 1933Maple Hill
LeeWalterE.Unk28 Jan 1981Maple Hill
LeeWiley24 Mar 190001 Dec 1984Maple Hill
LeeWilliamB.18 Sep 190422 Aug 1993Maple Hill
LeeWilliamB.18661920Nelson Chapel Baptist Church
LeeWilliamH.20 Mar 189715 Sep 1977Pleas Mount Baptist Church
LeeWilliamUnk13 Apr 1944Maple Hill
LeeWillieMrs.Dupree24 Sep 191607 Mar 1993Maple Hill
LeeYoungHo01 Oct 190917 Oct 1983Maple Hill
LeeZoraMaeJenkins24 Feb 190124 Aug 1951Moon
LeebeltK.E.UnkNDDMaple Hill
LeechSarahUnk06 Feb 1942Maple Hill
LeekLaviniaC.Unk07 Jan 1902Maple Hill
LeeperWilliamUnk12 Sep 1869Maple Hill
LefanBarryJ.Unk23 May 1990Maple Hill
LeftwichEmily08 Aug 189116 Dec 1972Maple Hill
LeftwichJabezUnk22 Jun 1855Maple Hill
LeftwichJamesC.Unk13 Jul 1893Maple Hill
LeftwichJamesUnk03 Jan 1870Maple Hill
LeftwichJamesUnk05 Dec 1870Maple Hill
LeftwickL.Unk17 Dec 1950Maple Hill
LeftwickLittleberrUnk29 Feb 1952Maple Hill
LehamLeonUnk14 Dec 1919Maple Hill
LehamWilliamUnk26 Jan 1922Maple Hill
LehaurLeonUnk14 Dec 1919Maple Hill
LehmanBessie08 Jun 189802 Sep 1979Maple Hill
LehmanDotStone24 Sep 192818 Aug 1989Maple Hill
LehmanElsieMaeUnk18 Sep 1963Maple Hill
LehmanEmmaUnk10 Sep 1970Maple Hill
LehmanEugeneH.26 Nov 192106 Feb 1974Maple Hill
LehmanFloraUnk19 Apr 1956Maple Hill
LehmanFloraMaeUnk05 Dec 1989Maple Hill
LehmanG.W.Unk20 May 1961Maple Hill
LehmanGordonUnk29 May 1941Maple Hill
LehmanHenryUnk15 Oct 1899Maple Hill
LehmanJamesW.10 Sep 187002 Jun 1946Maple Hill
LehmanJaneLewter15 Sep 192630 Oct 2003Maple Hill
LehmanJohnMarion26 Jun 189108 Jun 1957Maple Hill
LehmanJohnUnk07 Jun 1899Maple Hill
LehmanL.D.Unk26 Sep 2002Maple Hill
LehmanLutherUnk08 Sep 1939Maple Hill
LehmanMarthaOralineNoland28 Apr 187321 Jul 1943Maple Hill
LehmanRillieUnk07 Jun 1896Maple Hill
LehmanSharleneUnk08 Nov 1970Maple Hill
LehmanShelbyT.Unk24 Dec 1899Maple Hill
LehmanViolet01 Feb 191411 Apr 1989Maple Hill
LeithoffSharonUnk07 Sep 1974Maple Hill
LemayClaudeWilliam24 Apr31 Oct 2003Maple Hill
LembaughAddieUnk14 Oct 1916Maple Hill
LembaughMaryUnk27 Dec 1917Maple Hill
LemleyAdaA.28 Oct 190605 Sep 1996Cedar Grove
LemleyAlbertW.Jun 1915Jun 1915Cloud
LemleyAliceMiller05 Nov 194928 Oct 2000Cedar Grove
LemleyAlton05 Dec 191117 Feb 1991Hayden
LemleyAlvieDavid1932NDDCedar Grove
LemleyAndyE.03 Mar 193007 Jul 1989Kennamer
LemleyAnnaVesta02 Jul 189507 Feb 1962Hayden
LemleyAnnieD.19 Dec 189823 Jan 1995Kennamer
LemleyBerryJoNorton01 Sep 193724 Jan 2005Cedar Grove
LemleyBeunaI.18881936Cedar Grove
LemleyBillieR.22 Feb 1939NDDKennamer
LemleyBobbyGene23 Sep 195023 Sep 1950Hayden
LemleyCharlesG.29 Mar 194204 Nov 1998Kennamer
LemleyCharlie18651954Cedar Grove
LemleyDeeUnk20 Feb 1928Maple Hill
LemleyDelbertClayton12 Sep 1922NDDCedar Grove
LemleyDencyD.20 Jan 189803 Aug 1975Cedar Grove
LemleyElizaUnk28 Nov 1936Maple Hill
LemleyElizabeth02 Apr 1932NDDBrown
LemleyFloraMaeDudley15 Jul 191024 Jul 1999Byrd
LemleyFloydS.01 Sep 187716 Sep 1956Hayden
LemleyGeorgeC.07 Feb 191117 Feb 1983Maple Hill
LemleyGeorgeW.1844NDDCedar Grove
LemleyGeorgeW.21 Oct 192015 Feb 1995Moon
LemleyGeorgeUnk24 Feb 1923Maple Hill
LemleyGordon21 Nov 193124 Nov 1931Merrimack
LemleyGradyOdell02 Mar 191923 Oct 1989Cedar Grove
LemleyH.C.05 Oct 185026 Feb 1916Cedar Grove
LemleyHarryF.10 Nov 18871935Merrimack
LemleyJ.Unk06 Jan 1928Maple Hill
LemleyJamesC.12 Dec 192405 Aug 1999Hayden
LemleyJamesDillard30 Apr 194512 May 2002Byrd
LemleyJamesRobert18 Sep 194818 Sep 1948Hayden
LemleyJennieHanner1845NDDCedar Grove
LemleyJesseJ.30 Mar 198418 Aug 2001Pleas Mount Baptist Church
LemleyJewellM.27 Jul 192930 Nov 1982Moon
LemleyJimG.15 Jul 189614 May 1967Brown
LemleyJohnUnk08 Jun 1958Maple Hill
LemleyJohnnieE.Unk26 Jul 1957Maple Hill
LemleyJolaUnk14 Dec 1937Maple Hill
LemleyJuliahEthel11 Jan 190107 Jan 1962Cedar Grove
LemleyLelaJaneSutphin08 May 188209 Apr 1951Bethel/Old Bethel
LemleyLeonardLee06 Jan 192112 Feb 2000Byrd
LemleyLillianI.09 Nov 193208 Aug 1998Hayden
LemleyLinda19 Sep 1943NDDHayden
LemleyLiniaBelle06 Apr 192414 May 1924Cedar Grove
LemleyLinnie18711955Cedar Grove
LemleyLiz10 Mar 1944NDDKennamer
LemleyLolaG.Unk18 Sep 1961Maple Hill
LemleyLolaOlene07 Dec 192418 Oct 1995Cedar Grove
LemleyLonnieLee18 Dec 192403 Oct 2004Cedar Grove
LemleyLonnie05 Sep 191011 Aug 1977Maple Hill
LemleyLouise26 Jul 192823 May 2004Maple Hill
LemleyMableLee14 Jun 190802 Mar 1976Maple Hill
LemleyMaggieE.16 Feb 188916 Oct 1970Hayden
LemleyMaggieUnkNDDMaple Hill
LemleyMarildaL.Apr 1918Apr 1918Cloud
LemleyMaryLoutishia/Louisha23 Sep 194916 Oct 2000Cedar Grove
LemleyMary08 May 191516 Sep 1998Hayden
LemleyMattie18 Aug 189808 Jun 1976Brown
LemleyMichaelLee21 May 195005 Jan 2003Cedar Grove
LemleyMillieH.26 Apr 1917NDDBrown
LemleyNancy08 Apr 188614 Sep 1975Maple Hill
LemleyNannieFarmer08 Jun 190124 Dec 1935Bethel/Old Bethel
LemleyNannieByrd12 Feb 190918 Jul 2001Byrd
LemleyNannie189518 Jun 1924Cedar Grove
LemleyOliverE.15 Aug 189923 Jan 1976Kennamer
LemleyOraUnk28 Aug 1946Maple Hill
LemleyOscarUnk11 Feb 1919Maple Hill
LemleyOtisLeeUnk27 Apr 1959Maple Hill
LemleyRobertJ.18871953Cedar Grove
LemleyRonaldWilburn14 Jul 195525 Mar 1974Moon
LemleySarahC.20 May 184927 Jun 1917Cedar Grove
LemleySarahLou26 Jun 189907 Oct 1978Maple Hill
LemleyShelbyC.04 Jun 190323 Nov 1974Cedar Grove
LemleySilasB.09 Oct 190822 Sep 1978Maple Hill
LemleyStacie19711971Cedar Grove
LemleyStevenMichael03 Jun 196317 Apr 1987Gipson
LemleyUralJack25 Jan 191523 Mar 1990Brown
LemleyViolaSpurlockUnkNDDMaple Hill
LemleyWallaceN.22 Dec 192805 Nov 1965Brown
LemleyWalterUnk18 Nov 1955Maple Hill
LemleyWesleyUnk18 Feb 1918Maple Hill
LemleyWilliam10 Feb 188816 Feb 1962Hayden
LemleyWillieEdward04 Jan 190614 Sep 1974Maple Hill
LemmondRosaBradford25 Feb 190615 Mar 1986Kennamer
LemondJodieThomasUnk01 Nov 1961Maple Hill
LemondLenaEmert16 Aug 190529 Feb 2004Maple Hill
LemondSamuelBoone29 Mar 186030 Nov 1940Maple Hill
LemonsBillyJoe10 Sep 193824 Oct 1961Plainview
LemonsJ.Arnold19 Jan 191716 May 1985Plainview
LemonsLillieO.09 Aug 191811 Jul 1986Center Grove
LemonsMyrtleE.05 Jan 192024 May 1992Plainview
LemosJosephUnk23 Dec 1995Maple Hill
LenboseJamesUnk30 Jan 1899Maple Hill
LenleyHerbertUnk01 Jun 1953Maple Hill
LenoxNannieUnk22 Mar 1923Maple Hill
LenoxWillieUnk15 Jun 1924Maple Hill
LenrondMaggieUnk08 May 1934Maple Hill
LentzDonnaLynn23 May 195324 May 1953Charity Baptist Church
LeoReinhartHenryUnk03 Apr 1984Maple Hill
LeonardAlbertUnk24 Jun 1914Maple Hill
LeonardDonaldUnk25 Feb 1970Maple Hill
LeonardJamesUnk04 Feb 1918Maple Hill
LeonardJesseUnk30 Mar 1914Maple Hill
LeonardLewisCarlUnk30 Mar 1984Maple Hill
LeonardMaeH.14 Nov 188718 Sep 1982Maple Hill
LeonardMaggieUnk16 Mar 1918Maple Hill
LeonardVirgieFranklin31 May 192224 Feb 2004Huntsville Memory Gardens
LeppoDavidL.UnkNDDMaple Hill
LesleyW.H.UnkNDDMaple Hill
LeslieAlethaM.12 Dec 196030 Nov 1981Northside
LeslieAllenC.09 Feb 194909 May 1976Beaver Dam Primitive Bapt.
LeslieAmandaP.04 Jul 190107 Jun 2001Beaver Dam Primitive Bapt.
LeslieCarlM.29 Mar 196601 May 1976Beaver Dam Primitive Bapt.
LeslieCharlesThomasUnk26 Aug 1997Maple Hill
LeslieClarenceUnkNDDMaple Hill
LeslieDillard06 May 190021 Dec 1985Beaver Dam Primitive Bapt.
LeslieEarleanT.30 Apr 193112 Mar 1981Beaver Dam Primitive Bapt.
LeslieEllenV.28 May 190307 Sep 1987Beaver Dam Primitive Bapt.
LeslieJanieM.20 May 193726 Dec 1994Pine Grove - Deposit
LeslieJimmieLeeDavis16 Aug 192411 Mar 2005Valhalla Memory Gardens
LeslieJohnUnk07 Dec 1918Maple Hill
LeslieLillieCarter15 Feb 188016 Jun 1969Brandon
LeslieLinda23 Nov 195423 Nov 1954Booker
LeslieMaryUnk19 Oct 1943Maple Hill
LeslieMollieMae28 Feb 194216 May 1985Big Cove
LeslieMoniqueDiane30 Jul 200103 Jun 2005King
LeslieNannieB.Unk12 Oct 1922Maple Hill
LeslieRichard19011968Beaver Dam Primitive Bapt.
LeslieRichard20 Dec 192030 Jul 1995Northside
LeslieRichardUnk05 Mar 1932Maple Hill
LeslieRobertL.20 Apr 194215 Aug 1987Beaver Dam Primitive Bapt.
LeslieRobertLee15 Feb 190908 Oct 1983Beaver Dam Primitive Bapt.
LeslieRobertMcClellanUnk27 Jan 1937Maple Hill
LeslieRobertW.20 Aug 191027 Nov 1962Beaver Dam Primitive Bapt.
LeslieRobertUnk04 Mar 1978Maple Hill
LeslieRobertMrs.Unk24 Feb 1965Maple Hill
LeslieRobertaH.08 Mar 192101 Dec 1989Booker
LeslieSivelyJoe30 Mar 195408 Jul 1954Crutcher
LeslieThomasUnk01 Jun 1888Maple Hill
LeslieVester24 Sep 193808 Jul 1990Big Cove
LeslieViolaParks15 Oct 193108 Mar 2002Pine Grove - Deposit
LeslieWalter05 Aug 190329 Jul 1986Northside
LeslieWilliamHarrison02 Jan 190314 Sep 1988Maple Hill
LeslieWilliamJ.03 May 191724 Jun 1969Northside
LeslieWilliamUnk03 Jul 1901Maple Hill
LeslieWilliamUnk16 Nov 1894Maple Hill
LesserAlfordJ.Unk20 Oct 1895Maple Hill
LesserHattieUnk05 Jun 1893Maple Hill
LesserLewisUnk03 Aug 1898Maple Hill
LesterCharlesUnk26 May 1925Maple Hill
LesterD.Unk23 Oct 1902Maple Hill
LesterFlorence16 Apr 190209 Dec 1985Maple Hill
LesterFlorenceUnk12 Jul 1932Maple Hill
LesterInfantMaleUnk20 Apr 1867Maple Hill
LesterInfantUnk21 Apr 1868Maple Hill
LesterJaneUnk11 Feb 1946Maple Hill
LesterLeonaH.11 Sep 190010 Oct 1998Maple Hill
LesterLucyUnk14 Apr 1926Maple Hill
LesterMaryLeeAnna28 Mar 187308 Dec 1958Madison Crossroads
LetsonArnoldDoyle07 Jun 190516 Oct 1984Moon
LetsonBerthaHall18 Dec 190726 Dec 1998Moon
LetsonBurtisGrady12 Apr 191911 Feb 2002Byrd
LetsonCyrenaMae27 Sep 190902 Jan 2000Maple Hill
LetsonElgieG.Unk14 Feb 1963Maple Hill
LetsonLauraM.Bost06 Nov 193008 Jun 2004Cedar Grove
LetsonLelaCopper06 Apr 192522 Feb 2002Byrd
LetsonLesterLee09 Aug 1927NDDCedar Grove
LetsonPaulEdward05 Feb 191505 Mar 1918Moon
LetsonRobertA.03 Apr 1884Aug 1968Moon
LevanFannieUnk27 Jul 1975Maple Hill
LevanKatherineLois06 Jun 192609 Jan 2004Huntsville Memory Gardens
LevanLouie15 Mar 191916 Mar 1995Maple Hill
LevanRaymondE.06 Sep 190530 Apr 1985Maple Hill
LevanRebecca03 May 188513 Apr 1967Maple Hill
LevanWilliamF.06 Aug 190829 Dec 1974Maple Hill
LevasseurAlexanderKarlUnk14 Jul 1996Maple Hill
LevasseurNicoleMarieUnk13 Jul 1996Maple Hill
LevasseurRachelAnnUnk13 Jul 1996Maple Hill
LevenyS.B.Unk06 Sep 1870Maple Hill
LeviGeorgeGilber09 Nov 192301 Apr 2005Huntsville Memory Gardens
LevineJudithLinda17 Jun 194202 Apr 1972Maple Hill
LevyJ.J.Unk10 May 1896Maple Hill
LevyMildredBlair10 Apr 193020 Oct 1984Northside
LewallenJohnC.Unk13 May 1971Maple Hill
LewallenJudith11 Sep 194912 Oct 2003Maple Hill
LewallenRobyL.09 Sep 189907 Feb 1984Maple Hill
LewallenScottThomas04 Jul 196006 Aug 1978Maple Hill
LewbyEmmaUnk01 Sep 1933Maple Hill
LewbyOllieBessUnk14 Jan 1921Maple Hill
LewellynClaudeUnk23 Dec 1972Maple Hill
LewellynMaggieUnk09 Oct 1916Maple Hill
LewellynMinnieUnk28 Sep 1931Maple Hill
LewisAdaNov 1896Nov 1952Ebenezer
LewisAleneWebster28 Nov 192923 Apr 1986Byrd
LewisAliceUnk31 Mar 1926Maple Hill
LewisArdieMay 1864Apr 1952Ebenezer
LewisBarneyJosephUnk16 May 1972Maple Hill
LewisBessie08 Aug 189223 Aug 1985Kennamer
LewisBettieL.31 Jul 1888Jun 1971Madison Crossroads
LewisBettieMae21 Nov 190501 Dec 1924St. John
LewisBillB.06 Aug 190125 Jun 1971Maple Hill
LewisCarrieUnk05 Jul 1925Maple Hill
LewisCarter18 Dec 191007 Dec 1992Northside
LewisCharlotteHudson28 Aug 181420 Jan 1856Triana
LewisCliffordJ.18 Aug 190304 Jun 1973Maple Hill
LewisCoraL.07 Dec 1895Feb 1983Northside
LewisCoraCushing26 Dec 187721 Sep 1964Moon
LewisCorinaM.17 Jan 1937NDDKennamer
LewisCressie30 Aug 190527 May 1993Pleas Mount Baptist Church
LewisD.P.Unk04 Jul 1884Maple Hill
LewisDaisyUnk06 Aug 1901Maple Hill
LewisDavidRichard21 Mar 196117 Jul 1961Charity Baptist Church
LewisDebraFayeOct 196504 Oct 1965Maple Hill
LewisDellaUnk29 Sep 1913Maple Hill
LewisElizabethL.04 Apr 193122 Jan 1933Fowlkes
LewisElizabethUnk09 Aug 1923Maple Hill
LewisEmmer25 Dec 187306 Apr 1946Bloucher Ford
LewisErnestV.07 Aug 190621 Jan 1985Fowlkes
LewisErnest27 May 190503 Jul 1986Maple Hill
LewisEttaA.Unk12 Jun 1953Madison
LewisEugene12 Feb 190713 Feb 1907Ryland
LewisFloraUnk17 Jan 1878Maple Hill
LewisFloydUnk02 Nov 1949Maple Hill
LewisFrancisUnk14 Apr 1917Glenwood
LewisGarlandRoscoe13 Jan 191403 Jul 1993Kennamer
LewisGenevaL.14 Jul 193518 Jun 2001Neal Chapel
LewisGeorgeA.Unk15 Oct 1972Maple Hill
LewisGeorgiaHutson27 Jan 190009 Mar 1997Brandon
LewisGradyNed19 May 192408 Apr 1991Kennamer
LewisH.A.14 Apr 187425 Apr 1918Madison
LewisHomerWilliamUnk05 Jul 2000Maple Hill
LewisInfantUnk18 Feb 1906Madison
LewisInfantUnk31 Jan 1867Maple Hill
LewisIraTalmadge28 Sep 191321 Apr 1963Maple Hill
LewisIrbyA.05 Nov 190722 Jul 1974Maple Hill
LewisIrbyUnk23 Sep 1940Maple Hill
LewisJ.H.26 Dec 186525 Jan 1922Ebenezer
LewisJamesA.07 Jul 191916 Feb 1985Brown
LewisJamesE.22 Jul 192320 Aug 1985Brandon
LewisJamesUnk27 Dec 1921Maple Hill
LewisJamesUnk03 Feb 1868Maple Hill
LewisJenniferRenaeUnk29 Jan 1975Maple Hill
LewisJimL.16 Jul 188809 May 1962Kennamer
LewisJimmieLorine29 Sep 181908 Oct 1919Kennamer
LewisJimmyUnk06 Feb 1953Maple Hill
LewisJohn24 Apr 187305 Sep 1952Bloucher Ford
LewisJosephTulin185912 Sep 1950Maple Hill
LewisJudieMaeUnk02 Jan 1947Maple Hill
LewisJuliaMae08 Sep 191714 Nov 1982Northside
LewisJuliusRayUnk01 Jun 2000Maple Hill
LewisL.D.30 Aug 192420 Jul 1987Byrd
LewisLaurelUnk02 Jul 1986Maple Hill
LewisLolaDodsonUnk07 Feb 1986Maple Hill
LewisLucyBrownUnk28 Mar 1947Maple Hill
LewisLulaUnk23 Jul 1901Maple Hill
LewisLwereB.Unk06 Nov 1895Maple Hill
LewisMableUnk12 Apr 1926Maple Hill
LewisMackAug 1898Apr 1959Ebenezer
LewisMargaretE.Craig07 Nov 182027 Sep 1864Triana
LewisMargaretUnk13 Dec 2005Maple Hill
LewisMarthaSimpson19 Apr 189121 Feb 1972Northside
LewisMaryIreneUnk21 Feb 1996Maple Hill
LewisMeriwetherAnderson25 May 180904 Sep 1861Triana
LewisMiltonUnk16 May 1950Maple Hill
LewisMyrtleVirginiaLipscomb18 Dec 191614 Sep 1974Kennamer
LewisNancyE.18621937Charity Baptist Church
LewisNathaniel15 Aug 194014 Sep 1995Taylor Chapel
LewisOmmaUnk30 Jan 1922Maple Hill
LewisOthaUnk01 Aug 1941Maple Hill
LewisPearlC.Unk28 Jul 1988Maple Hill
LewisRobertLee07 Jun 193510 Mar 1983Northside
LewisRobertVernon06 Mar 192203 Aug 2003Huntsville Memory Gardens
LewisRoeUnk05 Dec 1903Maple Hill
LewisRoseMoore19 Sep 188306 Oct 1964Maple Hill
LewisRosie19 Sep 189603 Nov 1987Northside
LewisRubyGurleyUnkNDDMaple Hill
LewisRuthG.19101960Charity Baptist Church
LewisSallieUnk12 Jun 1902Maple Hill
LewisSamuelJ.Unk03 Jan 1883Maple Hill
LewisSamuelUnk12 Mar 1914Maple Hill
LewisSarahUnk17 Aug 1919Maple Hill
LewisSidneyCharles03 Sep 187006 Dec 1948Moon
LewisSophieH.19051994Bloucher Ford
LewisT.Unk11 Mar 1904Maple Hill
LewisThomasJasperNov 185712 Jun 1928Charity Baptist Church
LewisTimothy10 Apr 189619 Mar 1985Brandon
LewisTulaCorinneOstendorfUnk05 Feb 1990Maple Hill
LewisUnkFemaleUnk29 Sep 1878Maple Hill
LewisUnkMaleUnk29 Aug 1913Maple Hill
LewisVarrickDeWitt04 Sep 197531 Oct 2005Meadowlawn Garden of Peace
LewisWalterFrankie06 Apr 191622 May 1992Brown
LewisWalterJ.Unk24 May 1976Maple Hill
LewisWilliamAlvie23 Jan 190427 Oct 1975Huntsville Memory Gardens
LewisWilliamClydeUnk18 Feb 1989Maple Hill
LewisWilliamE.Unk03 Jul 1986Maple Hill
LewisWilliamJohnson28 May 190103 Jul 1966Cochran
LewisWillie26 Jan 191812 Jul 1960Brandon
LewisZedaM.Unk16 May 1987Maple Hill
LewisZeraAlmaUnk02 Mar 1998Maple Hill
LewterArthurC.31 Dec 192710 Apr 1954Merrimack
LewterCollice29 Jul 192929 Jul 1929Maple Hill
LewterCollier07 Feb 191015 Jul 1978Maple Hill
LewterDurwardUnk22 Jun 1934Maple Hill
LewterEsterH.14 Mar 188525 Nov 1979Maple Hill
LewterGeorgiaUnk10 Oct 1965Maple Hill
LewterHelenShelton18 Dec 192705 Nov 1998Maple Hill
LewterJamesM.20 Apr 190214 Jul 1973Maple Hill
LewterJohnBunion16 Mar 188914 Sep 1970Maple Hill
LewterKateAndressUnk26 Dec 2002Maple Hill
LewterMabelE.McClure18 Mar 190821 Jan 2001Maple Hill
LewterTommieLeeUnk11 Mar 1958Maple Hill
LewterVera24 Sep 190224 Feb 1978Maple Hill

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