Madison County Cemeteries – I Surnames

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IckesMaryLorraineDant31 May 192008 Dec 1984Madison
IfshinRitaA.Unk27 May 2001Maple Hill
IkardAddieJanePaseur29 Feb 1888Aug 1978Hayden
IkardAdella20 Dec 191020 Apr 1929Camp Ground
IkardAlthaTabor13 Apr 1924NDDMoon
IkardAndrewJackson27 Feb 184018 Nov 1938
IkardAndrewL.20 Jul 192311 Jun 2001Moon
IkardAnnElizaChristian26 Dec 18361902Hayden
IkardAnnieLeeMilliner06 Oct 187011 Feb 1956Hayden
IkardBillyRay21 Nov 193702 Aug 2003Valhalla Memory Gardens
IkardClarsieMaeDowdy23 Feb 191602 Jun 1992Whitaker
IkardDelilah12 Apr 188511 Jun 1925Ebenezer
IkardDorothyE.01 Jul 1921NDDMoon
IkardDorothyUnk25 Sep 1940Maple Hill
IkardElijahS.24 May 188010 Jun 1956Byrd
IkardEula14 May 191227 Dec 1994Moon
IkardFannieMae10 Jul 190920 Nov 1944Byrd
IkardHelenFayeHamaker18 Jan 193820 Jan 2005Valhalla Memory Gardens
IkardHesterIsabellaClark18 Sep 184819 Aug 1937Whitaker
IkardJamesWilliam24 Feb 191923 Oct 1923Byrd
IkardJerryJackson16 Oct 187503 Nov 1961Whitaker
IkardJohnDixson10 Feb 188313 Nov 1965Byrd
IkardJohnSeaborn29 Jun 186912 Oct 1901Hayden
IkardJohnWalton01 Jul 192106 Nov 2000Moon
IkardJohnWesley05 Aug 185015 Mar 1925Hayden
IkardJohnWesley06 Oct 18101882/1889Hayden
IkardJosephJackson193828 Aug 2003Whitaker
IkardLizzieM.21 Dec 1913NDDMoon
IkardLouisaFrancis13 Jul 186018 Nov 1937Byrd
IkardMargaretAnnCobb21 Jan 1889Aug 1973Byrd
IkardMaryElizaClark23 Mar 185430 Mar 1923Hayden
IkardMederB.02 Apr 188629 Oct 1970Byrd
IkardMinnieFlorence01 Sep 191420 Jan 1918Byrd
IkardRobertPaul01 Oct 190731 May 1963Moon
IkardS.Whitt19 Oct 188409 Nov 1949Moon
IkardThomasM.28 Oct 192405 May 1991Moon
IkardVinnieH.13 Feb 188611 Sep 1955Moon
IkardWayneLance18 Mar 194718 Mar 1847Moon
IkardWilliamH.07 Nov 188626 Feb 1952Ebenezer
IkardWilliamHoward24 Nov 191202 Nov 1975Byrd
IkardZelmaB.21 Mar 1899Feb 1974Hayden
InabinetDavidUnk20 May 1969Maple Hill
InabinetRosemaryB.06 Feb 193025 Mar 1999Maple Hill
IngallsJohnA.Unk21 Oct 1960Maple Hill
IngleWilliamDavidUnk11 Feb 1959Maple Hill
IngramBeluahM.17 Oct 192109 Apr 2000Maple Hill
IngramEdith02 Mar 190810 May 1989Maple Hill
IngramElmerH.09 Jul 1904Aug 1972Maple Hill
IngramFredUnk09 Sep 1975Maple Hill
IngramGaryKenneth12 May 193326 Sep 1985Maple Hill
IngramGraceUnk22 Mar 1922Maple Hill
IngramGuyHoyt13 Oct 194103 Jul 1998Maple Hill
IngramGuyHoytUnk29 Jul 1964Maple Hill
IngramHelenE.29 Mar 191516 Oct 2004Maple Hill
IngramHugoL.UnkNDDMaple Hill
IngramJimUnk29 Sep 1922Maple Hill
IngramJohnJ.08 Nov 192320 Feb 1983Maple Hill
IngramJohnnie10 May 191629 Oct 1998Northside
IngramJudy31 Mar 194618 Jul 2003Maple Hill
IngramLoraEdithEvans02 Mar 190810 May 1989Maple Hill
IngramLulaUnk23 Mar 1950Maple Hill
IngramRaymond04 May 191320 Jun 1980Maple Hill
IngramReginaUnk06 Aug 1968Maple Hill
IngramRubyD.Unk17 Mar 1987Maple Hill
IngramSandraUnk07 Feb 1961Maple Hill
IngramSusieAnneUnk12 Jun 1958Maple Hill
IngramWesleyT.16 Aug 193609 Oct 1968Plainview
IngramWilliamF.19 Sep 190507 Nov 1964Maple Hill
IngramWilliamK.187702 May 1956Maple Hill
IngramWilliamTitusUnk25 Jul 1962Maple Hill
IngramWillieCalvin08 Jun 192508 Sep 1926Maple Hill
InmanBettieUnk20 Sep 1900Maple Hill
InmanHenryClay19 Jul 189715 Apr 1968Maple Hill
InmanMaryChapman07 Oct 191614 Jun 1994Maple Hill
InmanOscarRippy19 Nov 191421 May 1982Maple Hill
InmanSallyFuson12 Oct 191911 May 1984Maple Hill
IrbyFrankUnk21 Jan 1960Maple Hill
IrbyJ.Morgan22 Nov 186430 Apr 1919Locust Grove
IrbyM.Mrs.Unk28 Sep 1868Maple Hill
IrbyMarthaM.18451923Locust Grove
IrbyT.M.16 Aug 183822 Jan 1920Locust Grove
IrvinCatherineUnk02 Mar 1999Maple Hill
IrvinLoisLucille19 Jan 194419 Jul 2002Oakwood Memorial Gardens
IrvinMattie01 Dec 190004 Oct 1987St. Ruth
IrvinVernonM.07 Jul 191514 Mar 1983Maple Hill
IrvineGranvilleLester24 Jul 188320 May 1955Maple Hill
IrvineJamesF.14 Sep 191128 Apr 2000Maple Hill
IrvineMatildaUnk20 Nov 1869Maple Hill
IrvineWillieBryant17 Dec 189715 Sep 1979Maple Hill
IrvingLouellaR.24 Jan 189518 May 1989Maple Hill
IrvinsHowardUnk20 Apr 1919Maple Hill
IrwinDauseyB.19 Aug 192005 Aug 1995Maple Hill
IrwinInfantMaleUnk17 Jan 1946Maple Hill
IrwinLouiseL.Unk13 Apr 1993Maple Hill
IrwinStacy22 Apr 195422 May 1976Maple Hill
IrwinWilliamS.02 Feb 192229 Jun 2005Maple Hill
IsaacElizaSep 1845Nov 1931Pulley
IsaacsJamesWashington02 May 184327 Oct 1924Pulley
IsabellInfantUnk12 Sep 1957Maple Hill
IsbelLevi17 Jul 184212 Dec 1918Pleas Mount Baptist Church
IsbelRachel07 Aug 1837NDDPleas Mount Baptist Church
IsbellBeatrice30 Jan 191511 May 1983Northside
IsbellBilly19311937Pleas Mount Baptist Church
IsbellCallieK.22 Sep 187916 Jan 1959Pleas Mount Baptist Church
IsbellCecil19 Jul 193329 Jul 1998Pleas Mount Baptist Church
IsbellCharlesV.23 Dec 193015 May 1983Bevill
IsbellCharlie26 May 189607 Jan 1900Pleas Mount Baptist Church
IsbellClarence06 Dec 191309 Feb 1914Pleas Mount Baptist Church
IsbellCorabell10 Oct 191422 May 1974Pleas Mount Baptist Church
IsbellDavidZack28 Nov 186414 Nov 1940Pleas Mount Baptist Church
IsbellEmmaB.23 Sep 186723 Feb 1939Pleas Mount Baptist Church
IsbellFannieJ.Toney23 Apr 189028 Mar 1942Pleas Mount Baptist Church
IsbellFannieUnk01 Jun 1969Maple Hill
IsbellFredDwightUnk21 Jul 1963Maple Hill
IsbellGordonFranklin10 Mar 193925 May 2001Neal Chapel
IsbellGroverE.09 Oct 192111 Jan 1996Pleas Mount Baptist Church
IsbellGussie08 May 189311 Oct 1973Northside
IsbellHarrietM.Lee16 Apr 186519 May 1915Pleas Mount Baptist Church
IsbellJack01 Mar 193016 Sep 2002Bevill
IsbellJack12 Sep 191806 Aug 1997Plainview
IsbellJoann19391941Pleas Mount Baptist Church
IsbellJohn23 Dec 191024 Jul 1962Pleas Mount Baptist Church
IsbellLethaJaneDavis12 Jan 193630 Jul 2000Green Valley
IsbellLillie12 Jan 193614 Sep 1900Maple Hill
IsbellLorean23 Nov 192003 Jan 1921Pleas Mount Baptist Church
IsbellLunzaA.27 Mar 190228 May 1972Bevill
IsbellMichaelS.30 Dec 195326 Apr 1980Pleas Mount Baptist Church
IsbellMinnie30 Mar 190726 Jun 1913Pleas Mount Baptist Church
IsbellPearlM.15 Mar 189810 Oct 1992Bevill
IsbellRobertFay04 Oct 192719 Aug 1992Bevill
IsbellRubenR.18 May 187319 Oct 1931Pleas Mount Baptist Church
IsbellRubyLee11 Apr 193110 Dec 2000Bevill
IsbellSpurgeonRay06 Sep 192514 Oct 1931Bevill
IsbellWilliamL.28 Aug 189218 Oct 1957Pleas Mount Baptist Church
IsbellZackV.28 Dec 190407 May 1968Bevill
IshamVictoria15 Nov 190927 Feb 1984Maple Hill
IshiiJeanG.11 Feb 192024 Aug 1989Maple Hill
IsnogleOraLee02 Sep 190421 Dec 1983Maple Hill
IsomJoeF.28 Jun 190429 Jul 1974Maple Hill
IsomJohnC.Unk23 Jun 1961Maple Hill
IsomJohnUnk08 Feb 1955Maple Hill
IsomL.A.Unk05 Apr 1947Maple Hill
IsomLorene13 Aug 189502 May 1978Maple Hill
IsomLutherJamesUnk07 Dec 1941Maple Hill
IsomMuriel18 Jan 193431 Dec 1980Maple Hill
IsomPearlLeonaUnk19 Oct 1971Maple Hill
IsomRubyUnkNDDMaple Hill
IstadInarJohamnUnk18 Dec 1970Maple Hill
IveyAlmaB.17 Aug 192520 Aug 1996Maple Hill
IveyAnnieMae11 Mar 189417 Aug 1970Maple Hill
IveyAnnieMae23 May 190918 Aug 1993Locust Grove
IveyAnnieV.23 Apr 188414 Aug 1900Bethel/Old Bethel
IveyBennie13 Jan 192930 Dec 1985Maple Hill
IveyCarlW.Unk13 Dec 1965Maple Hill
IveyCharlesBrooks17 Nov 192826 Aug 1998Valhalla Memory Gardens
IveyDempseyUnk22 Feb 1939Maple Hill
IveyDennisCarl11 Oct 194123 Feb 2001Maple Hill
IveyDianneCrane04 Jun 194404 Jun 2000Maple Hill
IveyDonnaSueEdmondson14 Aug 192510 Dec 2001Maple Hill
IveyEarlUnk20 Dec 1964Maple Hill
IveyEarlene16 May 192726 Jan 1973Maple Hill
IveyEddieRichard28 Jun 189328 Sep 1971Maple Hill
IveyEdithS.05 Nov 192202 Jun 1979Maple Hill
IveyElizabethUnk08 Nov 1984Maple Hill
IveyF.P.03 Jan 185331 Jan 1896Bethel/Old Bethel
IveyFredR.27 May 189712 Oct 1991Maple Hill
IveyHerbertA.21 Sep 190017 Dec 1990Locust Grove
IveyJ.B.Unk12 Nov 1971Maple Hill
IveyJ.L.Unk08 Apr 1988Maple Hill
IveyJ.M.UnkNDDMaple Hill
IveyJack31 Jan 192104 Feb 2005Maple Hill
IveyJamesAllen12 Apr 191513 Mar 1958Hayden
IveyJamesOliverUnk27 Mar 1976Maple Hill
IveyJamesRamonUnk29 Aug 1981Maple Hill
IveyLawrence18 Nov 188611 Dec 1945Bethel/Old Bethel
IveyLeonUnk29 Mar 2001Maple Hill
IveyLillieC.06 Aug 188603 Aug 1979Maple Hill
IveyLindaRoseUnk17 Oct 2005Maple Hill
IveyLucilleS.13 Jan 192126 Dec 1972Maple Hill
IveyMaryFairlenaChapman15 Sep 186603 Jun 1940Hayden
IveyMinnieDriver23 Jun 190929 Oct 1994Maple Hill
IveySallieUnk01 Oct 1957Maple Hill
IveyShermanMilton15 Nov 186601 Aug 1936Hayden
IveySusieByrdUnk19 Jun 1950Maple Hill
IveyTennieUnk08 Sep 1933Maple Hill
IvhaLillieUnk04 Sep 1914Maple Hill
IvieBenjaminH.20 Jan 186513 Oct 1920Maple Hill
IvieFrancesMalone30 Dec 186419 Feb 1962Maple Hill
IvieHenryJ.18891951Maple Hill
IvieLolaHicks189617 Nov 1932Maple Hill
IvieRobertUnk11 Dec 1951Maple Hill
IvyBettyJean05 Aug 1942NDDNeal Chapel
IvyBillieJoe28 Jul 1942NDDNeal Chapel
IvyBonnie11 Jun 190418 May 1973Maple Hill
IvyCarrieV.03 Oct 188830 Mar 1980Maple Hill
IvyCatherineLee25 Sep 193510 Aug 1998Maple Hill
IvyCynthiaUnk28 Jul 1950Maple Hill
IvyLarrySheltonUnk23 Oct 1949Maple Hill
IvyMollieClopton185007 Apr 1938Maple Hill
IvyNancyA.03 Sep 185303 Nov 1900Bethel/Old Bethel
IvyPeterRoscoe14 Apr 188421 Jul 1964Maple Hill
IvyPhyllisGailUnk14 Jul 1956Maple Hill
IvySandraJ.MurphyUnk02 Jan 1976Maple Hill
IvySuzanne07 Jul 193923 Nov 1998Maple Hill
IvyTroyUnk29 Jul 1917Maple Hill
IvyWilliamFrankUnk12 Jan 1947Maple Hill

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